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Studio Services

Supercharge your business growth through expert-led collaborative sprints

Harvest’s Studio Services provide startups with a flexible and integrated co-build experience to develop targeted strategies and solid infrastructure for their growth marketing, finance & fundraising, and talent management functions

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Scale up your startup with strategic guidance and support from our resident experts.


We work with you to identify your company’s current stage in the startup lifecycle to develop a custom growth strategy and roadmap.


We work as an extension of your team to customize our experience, strategies, and best practices to your unique business needs.


We deliver an end-to-end service that provides expert guidance for everything from identifying your needs, challenges and opportunities to developing a strategy and implementation plan.


While we apply our proven playbook and processes in Growth Marketing, Talent Management, and Finance & Fundraising, we’re able to customize our approach to solve specific challenges and priorities.

Studio Services

Strategic areas



Acquire customers in the most targeted, cost-effective ways by building a startup growth marketing strategy. Our resident experts will help you clarify your target audience and market, develop your unique value proposition, and build content and media plans to help you execute with clear processes and reporting.

Market Research

Understand your target audience and the competition to set your product apart from the rest.

Product Positioning

Make sure your product and solutions occupy the right space in your target audience’s mind.

Brand Messaging

Deliver consistent messaging and brand values that connect with prospective customers.

Content Strategy

Create content and stories that resonate with target customers across distribution channels.

Lead Generation

Implement content strategically across channels to enhance lead quality, volume, and conversion rates.

SEO & Platform Optimization

Capture organic search traffic as brand awareness grows by delivering digital experiences that convert.

Lifecycle Nurture

Turn prospects into leads, leads into customers, and customers into advocates with strategic delivery of targeted messaging.

Performance Analytics & Insights

Track and measure strategic performance to make iterative optimizations and continuously improve investor KPIs across all marketing touchpoints.

Finance &


Set up your startup for success by giving it the financial runway it needs to grow and scale. Our resident experts in startup finance and fundraising know what investors are looking for and will help you make your business attractive to funders.

Market Exploration & Research

Gain a deeper understanding of the target market size to identify new opportunities in industries ripe for disruption.

Technology Costing

Build forecasts for a go-to-market strategy, planned revenue streams, expansion strategy, and operational expenses.

Financing Investment Strategy 
& Business Modeling

Develop a sound business model and build financial structures to sustain continuous growth

Product Roadmap

Understand key milestones and targets while you build and launch your MVP.

Risk Mitigation Strategies

Protect startups from the common pitfalls that occur along the business lifecycle.

Fundraising Strategy & Support

Attract investors with enhanced pitch deck and financial modelling support focused on KPIs that matter most.

Commercialization Structures

Determine when it’s best to use strategic partners, who to target, and how to form the right commercial structures.



Attract and retain the talent you need to scale your startup. Our resident experts help startups develop talent management strategies, systems, and processes.

Workforce planning

Grow and scale effectively by avoiding costly mistakes and implementing a strategic talent roadmap.

Employer structure & processes

Implement foundational HR and organizational processes to reduce risk while you scale.

Talent attraction and retention

Develop your employee value proposition, compelling job descriptions, as well as an employee engagement strategy.

Onboarding & Training

Optimize workforce performance and facilitate systems implementation.

What's Included with Studio Services

Harvest Exchange Membership with access to online community, events and premium content.
Special startup offers and discounts from Harvest's preferred partners network and vendors.
Preferred rates on Harvest Recruitment services.

Studio Services FAQ

What stage should my startup be to qualify?

We help startups at any stage of their lifecycle by customizing our tested, repeatable processes to your unique business.

How does pricing work?

We offer fixed monthly pricing.

Can I just use one Service area?

Yes. You can choose Growth Marketing, Finance & Fundraising, Talent Management, or all three.

Are there any perks?

As a Boost participant, you’ll receive a free one-year Harvest Exchange Membership that gives you access to a private community of startup founders and tech leaders in Canada, premium content, and invites to exclusive events.

Does Studio Services include recruitment services?

Sprint participants are eligible for a discount on Harvest Recruitment services.

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Studio Services

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