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Growth Program

Startups at any stage partner with Harvest to grow and scale their businesses fast. We narrow-in on key opportunities and provide the resources, skills, and expertise to accelerate growth at a rapid rate.
Grow With Us

Growth Program

Startups at any stage partner with Harvest to grow and scale their businesses fast. We narrow-in on key opportunities and provide the resources, skills, and expertise to accelerate growth at a rapid rate.
Grow With Us

Our Areas of Focus

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Through market research and analysis, we help you turn big ideas into viable ventures.

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We collaborate with internal teams, providing the validation, expertise, and mentorship to help build an MVP and go-to-market.

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Our team of builders gives you a competitive advantage as you continue to build your brand, attract more customers, and streamline operations.

Our Approach

Harvest’s resident experts work closely with our clients to develop the strategies, processes, and infrastructure needed to scale companies cost-efficiently and effectively.

We help evaluate where your company is within the startup lifecycle, and provide an overview of your projected growth roadmap.

Using the Harvest Playbook, we identify focus areas and the work needed for your business to move forward and achieve growth milestones.

Based on the overall scope, we zero in on where we can support your organization in bridging the skills and resource gaps you currently face while preparing your internal team for the next stage of growth.


Harvest Membership

Cultivate meaningful connections and insights

Join a community built for entrepreneurs, tech leaders, and mentors, unlock access to premium content, and participate in exclusive events with Canada’s most influential business leaders.
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 •  Online Community
 •  Events
 •  Case Studies
 •  Playbooks
 •  Trends Reports
 •  Templates and checklists
 •  Growth guides
 •  And more


Harvest Academy

Participate in hands-on learning workshops and leave with ready-to-execute strategies designed for startup teams by our resident experts.
Coming Soon
•  Structured learning pathways in growth marketing, talent management, finance & fundraising
 •  Strategy development and tactical planning for any startup stage
 •  Mentor matching through a network of advisors

Growth-Driven Services

Strategy, Innovation & Finance

Get help setting growth targets and pinpoint funding milestones.
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Growth Marketing

Engage wider audiences and convert them into customers.
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Talent Management & Recruitment

Attract and retain local and global talent through foundational HR and recruitment support.
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Strategic Partnerships

Get access to a network of partners, advisors, and resources to unlock new growth opportunities.
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Builder Insights

Growth & Scaling
5 questions to ask before hiring a growth marketing partner

All companies hope to reach a point (or several) where they need to scale their business bigger and better. When that time comes, whether it’s early in your startup, partway through your series funding round, or even when you’ve reached market maturity – it may do you some good to recruit an expert: a growth marketing partner.

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Growth & Scaling
Five-step approach to scalable talent management

If you’re a first-time founder and presumably you don’t have millions of dollars to burn through, it’s easier to push off a decision like a hiring roadmap to another day. But if you really want to accelerate your growth, part of it has to do with trusting that the people you’re bringing in are going to help you improve and grow exponentially.

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Growth & Scaling
How Canadian tech startups can take advantage of SR&ED

Raising capital to get your startup off the ground can be challenging, especially when you don’t know what options are available. The good news is if you’re an early-stage startup dipping your toes into experimental technology, the Canadian government can recoup a good chunk of your R&D costs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What stage should my startup be to qualify?

Harvest works with growth-stage businesses, primarily Series A and beyond.

What services are included?

Once we assess your company's current state, we get to work on your customized growth strategy. Harvest provides world-class expertise and consultative services in the areas of marketing, recruitment, and people strategies. We also leverage our extended Harvest Network to bring in additional expertise in specialized areas where needed.

What’s the cost of Harvest’s Growth Program?

Harvest provides customized growth strategies to fit within your company's budget.

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