January 19, 2022
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Canada’s Dominant Career Trends in Tech 


The tech sector’s rise to prominence was always in the cards, but COVID-19 expedited just about every industries’ reliance on it – making a career in tech more lucrative and competitive than it’s ever been. Companies in every corner of the world are hungry to hire more long-term positions and searching for their dream candidates to show up, put in the work, and drive meaningful change. But just as businesses have been forced to adapt, so too will employees as they enter into a new era of digital-first workplaces.

We’ve rounded up Canada’s dominating career trends that will pave our future as we hire for some of the most in-demand tech jobs for this year.

“With more companies using bespoke tech stacks, we’re seeing an increased emphasis on the desire for adaptability within teams to help companies grow and scale. For talent, this is an opportunity to acquire a unique skill set solely based on adaptability and incorporate this into new organizations.” – Arlin Dueck, Head of People Operations, Harvest Builders

Dominant trends that will set the stage for 2022 and beyond

People enablement through automation

Automation is predicted to create 58 million new jobs, according to the World Economic Forum. Jobs that are transformed by automation will enable employees to become higher-skilled and free up their time to focus on mission-critical tasks. With the help of IoT, businesses will be able to better fill in staffing shortages and offer self-serve applications.

The rise of soft skills

Beyond coding, emotional intelligence, problem-solving, and leadership skills will become just as integral as any hard, technical skill. People need to think beyond the technical aspects of their jobs and round out their contributions with soft competencies to create a competitive advantage.

Hybrid collaboration

The Great Resignation in 2021 encouraged millions of people to leave their jobs in demand of flexible work. Although most tech companies throughout the pandemic have mobilized fully-remote workforces out of necessity; many will continue to offer a split between centralized office spaces and remote work to motivate employees and reduce long-term disconnection and burnout

Diversifying within specialized roles

No matter what the designated role is, adopting an entrepreneurial mindset towards work in tech will better position employees to adapt to market needs now and in the future. That doesn’t mean specialized roles won’t be needed – higher value will just be placed on individuals with the capability to employ their expertise in a variety of ways.

“This year, we can anticipate an extension of what we saw last year with many businesses tapping into a remote workforce, however, many will also be keeping a close focus on sustaining and supporting internal culture. While many businesses have made plans to return to the office - and had to adjust accordingly with the evolving nature of the pandemic, we think towards the end of the year more firms will take a more traditional approach to hiring. Nevertheless with the advancement of technology, the future of work will be set by individual companies’ preferences as opposed to a one size fits all approach that previously existed across the economy.” – Arlin Dueck, Head of People Operations, Harvest Builders

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