March 11, 2022
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Making the move of a lifetime: Why relocating to Canada for a tech career will be the best decision you make

Canadian Technology
Making the move of a lifetime: Why relocating to Canada for a tech career will be the best decision you make

Looking to catch your big break and make the move of a lifetime into Canadian tech? Congrats! You’ll be greeted with open arms. Whether you’re a tech-savvy developer, creative marketer, or anything in between, there is a place for you to have a place in Canada’s burgeoning tech scene.

You have the chance to reshape the way people live, work, and play –  all for the better using exciting, modern technologies. So if you’re ready for a change in pace (and location), keep reading! We share our take on just how juicy the benefits are of joining a Canadian tech company as a newcomer.

The advantages of relocating to Canada and the opportunity to shape Canadian technology
  1. Get your dream job and enjoy a fulfilling career

From entry-level to C-suite, the sky’s the limit when it comes to the impact you’ll make in tech. That’s because our sector is built for growth all around, no matter where you begin. Learn at an exponential rate and see your professional experience come alive from one city to the next and all across the country. 

Many Canadian tech startups, especially those that we’re building out in the Prairies at Harvest, have their targets set on reimagining complete systems from the inside out, including fintech, insurtech, and proptech.

With constant iteration and improvement, you’ll gain lessons along the way that will better shape your worldview, skill development, and be invaluable on your journey.

  1. Be connected to a shared purpose and passionate vision

There’s something special about feeling like you belong, and the sense of community and collaboration in working alongside talented people in tech is something to rave about. Tech companies in Canada share high-performance work cultures that put a lot of focus on carrying out a shared vision and proving out meaningful purpose, together.

You’re never alone when you join a team that prioritizes impact. The chance to work in Canadian tech is a chance to do something greater beyond yourself. Create an impact and personal legacy that can be felt—and lived—for generations to come. 

  1. Drive long overdue innovation and challenge the status quo

You have a hunger to solve today’s biggest challenges and need the environment to help feed your appetite. Fortunately, Canada is poised for tech innovation and disruption in almost every industry you can imagine.

Play a significant role in how we shape society, run business, simplify work, experience leisure, and so much more. You have the opportunity to build better products and solutions and craft personalized customer experiences that are actually enjoyable — and worth going through time after time.

  1. Join a powerful tech ecosystem and experiment with new and emerging technologies

Canada’s tech ecosystem is booming at unprecedented rates. In the last two years alone, Western Canadian cities like Calgary have attracted world-class talent and competitively rivalled other hubs across the country, making it the number one choice for coveted talent to relocate to.

Amazon Web Services has committed to investing billions in Calgary’s cloud hub. Neo Financial is building a tech campus downtown that was once ruled by oil firms. The showdown of talent opportunity and recruitment is only picking up, with healthy Alberta venture capital flowing in and on track to break records once again. And that’s just one Canadian city out of many.

By being a part of the action, you’ll be exposed to Canada’s startup ecosystem of innovators, investors, platform accelerators, and key players that make tech go round in our country. You’ll also get to experiment with emerging technologies like AI, blockchain, and big data in areas that are overdue for a refresh.

  1. A beautiful place to call home

Canadian cities offer a diverse range of landscapes, from the breathtaking Rocky Mountains and serene lakes, to quaint prairies and bustling cosmopolitan centres. Whether you’re looking to settle down with your family or leap into your next solo adventure, Canada offers affordable housing, abundant options for lifestyle activities, great health care and schools, and family-friendly communities.

Not to mention, Canada is among the most multicultural and diverse places to live, rich with newcomers, cross-continental experiences, languages, and identities. We celebrate our differences together and build a community any member can be proud to be part of.

As a newcomer, you’ll find access to work permits and will be quickly tempted to apply for permanent residence to reap the full benefits of being a Canadian citizen.

Is a Canadian tech career calling your name?

Now’s the time to take the plunge. There are so many amazing benefits that create a high quality of life here and present an exciting future for you ahead. Jump on the chance to break new ground in the tech space as you step onto Canadian soil and pave the next chapter in your career. To get things started, check out our international recruitment page.

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