April 22, 2022
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Recruitment for Tech Startups: A Guide to Assembling Your Team


You have a great idea to bring to life. Your product can be a gamechanger in the industry. You have the funding, you have the perfect work from home set up and the office coffee, and now you need to grow your team. 

That’s easier said than done.

Your business needs people in order to get work done – people to design your product, market it, and manage your finances. Tech isn’t just powered by wires, but by people, and you need the right team in order for your business to grow and scale.

Believe it or not, as a new founder in the early stages of your business, much of your time will be spent recruiting. And it’s not a small amount – Michele Romanow, co-founder of Clearco, found that about 80% of her time in the first two years of her business was spent trying to hire people. 

As a talent studio, we’re expert tech startup recruiters, recruiting for some of the hardest to fill roles in the tech industry and building world-class teams for the fastest growing companies. Having filled over 800 roles in just 1 year, we know how to hire tech talent and build teams that can drive innovation, and have the strategies it takes to start a team and scale up. With our team of talent acquisition experts,  we put together an ebook, Guide to Recruitment for Startups and Tech Companies, with our top tips for building talent management strategies that will set up your company for success.

Be proactive, not reactive

It’s a candidate’s world out there, and that means it can be hard to find and secure talent. 

To catch star candidates who will take your business to the next level, you have to anticipate your hiring needs so that you’re not scrambling to fill a role when you need someone yesterday. For a proactive approach, start by mapping out your company’s desired timeline with the milestones you want to hit and when. Work backwards from that to create your workforce plan. Ask yourself when your business needs will grow so that you have people in roles ahead of time. 

At the same time, you have to be decisive about who to hire and when. It might not make sense for you to hire a CEO, especially if as a founder you’re already playing this role and managing these responsibilities. Don’t focus on titles, but rather on filling a need or skills gap in your company.

A recruitment toolkit for you to build with

As you plan for long-term growth, you need a recruitment strategy to get the talent you will need. 

When you’re putting together your workforce plan, consider different talent models. Maybe not every person in your company needs to be full-time. Maybe some employees are independent contractors, or even co-op students. When it comes to creating a role-specific recruitment strategy to hire for specific skills, ensure that you’re attracting the right candidates by writing clear job descriptions. Be sure to articulate your employer brand by showing what you can offer to applicants and what it’s like working with you in emerging tech. 

There’s lots of little things that make a difference in attracting quality tech talent and making the hiring process effective and efficient – keeping an up-to-date careers page, creating a process for accepting and organizing applications, and more.

Hiring can be challenging, but it’s worth it

Recruiting is hard work, but it is what will make the vision of your company into a reality. Take the time to build a recruitment strategy and assemble a team and that will make your company a success. 

For more information on recruiting tech talent and building talent development strategies, download our ebook.

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