March 6, 2022
2 mins

The leaders tech companies are looking for –  do you fit the bill?

Careers in Tech

When business savvy, technology infrastructure, and experience with hyper-growth startups collide, you can wire together something brilliant on a global scale. In the tech world, that means being virtually unstoppable.

Even among executives, very few people successfully balance all these skills. If they do punch above their weight, it’s no coincidence that they have a hand in building venture-backable businesses – like the Apples, Shopifys, and Ubers of our time – that are growing without any sign of deceleration.

But who are these people, really? What makes them tick? And why are they worth paying attention to?

Settling isn’t in their DNA and neither are half-measures 

Leadership roles in technology companies are typically matched with a rare breed of powerhouse leaders who can fuse vision with action and use their pedigree of business success to drive flourishing network effects in the tech ecosystem.

These leaders have a strong grasp of business fundamentals, are well versed in strategy and big-picture thinking – and yet, somehow aren’t too rigid to respond to new business challenges and opportunities that arise on the fly.

Perhaps the most telltale quality about them is their knack for producing venture-backable businesses, which are the kind that provide outsized returns up to 100 times what investors seek.

As Alex Gold, Managing Partner at Harvest Ventures says, venture-backable businesses “need to have scale potential from day one to achieve exponential growth.”

That’s why lifestyle businesses don’t satisfy these particular leaders’ appetites. Instead, they build repeatable VC-backed businesses in industries that benefit whole communities, drive life-changing innovation, and power sustainable economies. We’re seeing this in Western Canada through fintech. These businesses have led to many firsts in Canada, creating everyday change for people across the country. 

These are the leaders that are making the long game worthwhile. Many are founders or have experience founding teams. They can decipher the nuances between players emerging throughout the tech ecosystem, and share a commitment to push the status quo, if only to make people and things work better.

Good isn’t good enough if it can be better

We’ve all heard the phrase, “good isn’t good enough” and that couldn’t be more true of the growth mindset these executive leaders hold. 

Because they’re entrepreneurial by design, their superpowers lie in motivating and mobilizing high-performance teams to rise above challenges or circumstances and create initiatives for others to succeed.

So what’s the biggest thing in standing in their way? Time.

Executive leaders who are a cut above the rest work at a rapid pace because every day, they’re not one step closer to their vision, they’re one step further away. Their sense of urgency is critical in fuelling their passion and ability to lead teams to drive meaningful results.

Sounds familiar?

Perhaps consider some of the rare and exciting opportunities that could be brewing for you at Harvest.

We’re looking to bring together all-stars to lead and scale the most disruptive tech teams to ever be created in Western Canada, reshaping old landscapes with forward-thinking solutions that only improve the way our communities live, work, and play.

If you’re interested in any of our roles for hire, connect with us one-on-one to discover your fit in the tech ecosystem and do work that will matter for generations to come.

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