November 26, 2021
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We launched a $14 million venture capital fund to power the future of fintech in the Prairies

Inside Harvest

Some lessons you just can’t learn in school, like what it really takes to start a business. 

One moment you’re riding an exhilarating wave, and the next, you’re crashing headfirst into a harrowing situation you never saw coming.

Fortunately, many founders recognize the challenges of entrepreneurship and seek counsel at the onset of their bright ideas. However, many of them underestimate the longevity of support they need.

And so, we are adding another pillar to the Harvest platform to address those challenges for our growing portfolio.

We’ve announced the addition of Harvest Venture Partners, an early-stage venture capital firm and its inaugural $14MM fund as part of our growing platform that helps founders build companies in a faster, more meaningful way. 

This fund was specifically designed by founders for founders. We understand the speed with which deals need to get done, and the counsel required when you encounter bumps along the way. 

Harvest Venture Partners will provide generational support to groundbreaking fintech businesses and arm founders with an unfair advantage to rapidly accelerate market adoption and distribution.

It will also anchor founding teams to strong business partnerships within Harvest’s network to create the competitive star power needed to knock out milestone after milestone throughout their lifecycle.

So, we’re thrilled about what’s in store!

But first, let’s dive into why fintech investments matter.

Hitting the refresh button on Canada’s financial sector

The status quo can take a hike.

With over 200 years under its belt, Canada’s financial industry has become an antiquated economy that has experienced few innovations and historically offered limited choices for consumers. 

It should come as no surprise then that we’ve set our sights on a long-overdue shake-up.

It’s time we tailor experiences to customers’ unique financial needs and preferences. And exacerbated by the globally seismic wake-up call from Covid-19, we are finally in a position to retire old habits–for good.

Canada’s financial sector is under digital construction to be bolder and better. It also has every potential to cut across industry verticals, such as health and real estate.

This transformation requires more automation of financial services, virtualization, and the adoption of multiple digital channels to meet the demands and expectations of clients today. 

Sure enough, while the big banks are resilient and have weathered gruelling economic fallouts before, we collectively need to act fast to move in on a permanent shift of full-scale digitization.

Next-gen technology prioritizes customers first, remains agile and flexible, and embraces emerging innovations. All signs now point to fintechs as the solution.

But access to capital has always stood in the way

The only catch (and it’s a big one) is that they don’t make it easy for innovative ideas to get off the ground.

And a big part of that reason is investment blockers. 

Techpreneurs face all sorts of funding challenges in the Prairies, from not being able to access startup capital and failing to create a scalable business model, to not finding the right funding options and underestimating the length of their runway before their next funding round.

Even when businesses have successfully raised seed rounds or received a one-time cash injection to get them started, they won’t get very far without the long-term support that’s required at each stage of their lifecycle–both from a financial and advisory standpoint.

But now, there’s a new option for Canadian founders that marries fundraising capital with stage-by-stage mentorship.

Harvest Venture Partners: lifecycle investments for up and coming fintechs

Rather than giving pre-scale companies a one-time cash infusion and bidding them blind luck, Harvest Venture Partners provides fintech founders with generational support throughout the entire lifetime of their business alongside seed investments.

This strategy enables partners with the firepower they need to scale their business, penetrate markets, and maximize distribution faster than they thought possible. 

Founders can take advantage of Harvest’s generous platform of resources, from recruitment, talent management, and growth marketing.

Not only does their approach boost the odds of beating the startup graveyard, but this new investment capital firm converges experienced founders and operators to achieve the spectacular in the Prairies.

Our tech ecosystem just got a whole lot more entrepreneurial

From day one, we have been focused on building a united tech innovation hub in the Prairies, and now, that doesn’t seem too far away. 

With the addition of Harvest Venture Partners, we’re expecting to see more billion-dollar unicorn companies emerge from our humble grounds to redefine the Canadian financial landscape and build a brighter future for all.

To lead the charge on scaling innovative businesses, check out the founder roles available with Harvest. 

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