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Harvest Guide to Growth Marketing
Discover where growth marketing is headed and what it means for startup founders, marketing leaders, and investors.
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Every good idea must find its market to become a business.

If you’re a seed stage startup chasing Series A funding, this is easier said than done. Limited time, money, and people leave founders scrambling to capitalize on as many opportunities as possible. 

According to the experts, this isn’t the way to go. 

Turns out, the startups that pass the seed stage and secure funding take a deliberate, focused approach to building their business. They devote their energy to four objectives:

  1. Building audience momentum
  2. Generating actual revenue
  3. Engineering an efficient growth operation
  4. Evangelizing a clear, exciting vision

Growth marketing is the activity that helps companies succeed on all four fronts in a measured, focused, and sustainable way. In fact, growth marketing takes companies even further by maturing along with the business and adapting to evolving business needs as the company pursues post-Series A funding. 

But what exactly is growth marketing? If you’re a founder with limited time, it’s important to walk away with more than just buzzwords. In our Harvest Guide to Growth Marketing, we focus on clear learning objectives. In this guide, you will: 

  1. Review a clear definition of what growth marketing is
  2. Identify what growth marketing offers at each startup stage
  3. Understand growth marketing approaches and select the most appropriate one
  4. Recognize growth marketing trends so you can identify what’s useful to you now and set aside what’s interesting, but irrelevant
  5. Obtain visibility over growth marketing technology and how to select the right tools
  6. Fill the gaps in your growth marketing talent using different talent models and processes
  7. Tie your growth marketing metrics to revenue and profitability (and impress investors)

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