Builders' Almanac 2021


A summary of the Prairie Tech ecosystem

Harvest Builders Staff

So how do you build a Prairie Tech ecosystem?

The quick answer is by facilitating faster access to more capital. But taken alone, this is just a strategy for spending a lot of money rather than scaling up companies, building momentum, and developing a world-class ecosystem. 

Instead, Canadian startups need the right support and resources to build companies around their innovations. They need the infrastructure, protection, and support to move past their most vulnerable stage and cross-pollinate with other innovators to create a worthy crop of companies. 

At present, Canada’s incubator and accelerator landscape serves as a way for these “seeds of ideas” to come together. This isn’t enough. What’s needed is a venture building model that ensures these seeds put down roots in the right market or vertical, have the nutrients required to grow, systems in place to protect them, and the right conditions to thrive. 

Harvest was structured with these needs in mind. Our two pillar programs, the Venture Builder and Growth programs, address these needs in two distinct ways. 

The Venture Builder program builds companies around an initial keystone company that has an opportunity to capture significant market share. This creates a synergistic portfolio where companies fill gaps in the value chain and work together through mutually beneficial partnerships. The result is reduced risk and a symbiotic approach to generating value. 

In the Growth program, we partner with existing, growth-stage startups to quickly grow and scale. We conduct a current state assessment to identify areas of growth unique to a specific company. This is followed by strategy exercises and implementation, where world-class Harvest experts in finance, HR, marketing, and more can help execute on your tailored growth strategy or navigate your business towards a strategic partner. Finally, we measure a company’s progress executing on this strategy and take a data-driven approach towards making adjustments. 

In both the Venture and Growth programs, we help startups position themselves to be attractive to the right kinds of funders. Who are these right kinds of funders? They are entities that are focused on creating and growing something more meaningful, not secure a quick exit. They are the Good Angels playing “infinite games” as detailed by writer Alex Danco.

The coming seasons look promising for Canadian innovators. Through our Venture Builder and Growth programs, we hope to use these conditions to our advantage and help harvest the next generation of venture-backed Canadian tech companies.

Harvest Builders Staff
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