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The Academy

Master the fundamentals of startup growth

Hands-on learning

The Academy delivers experiential hands-on learning through structured courses and interactive workshops that teach founders essential concepts and advanced strategies for business growth.

One playbook, several learning tracks

Sessions are led by resident experts who leverage Harvest’s proven playbook that has launched and scaled some of North America’s fastest growing companies. All participants leave with ready-to-execute strategies.

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The Academy

Level up you and your team’s knowledge to grow and scale your startup



In the Growth Marketing track, you’ll learn proven methods for identifying your target audience and adopting their perspective to understand their needs and challenges. You’ll learn how to transform insights into impactful marketing messages and strategies that convert leads into customers.

Learning Objectives

Understand the essential pieces to building a holistic marketing strategy that aligns with business objectives

Bring focus to marketing with clear definitions of target audience and messaging, and identify the best types of channels and content to leverage


  • Foundations of Research and Buyer Personas
  • Defining your value to your customers & building a key message 
  • Understanding the Customer Journey & Content Strategy
  • Implementations and next steps in marketing planning 
  • Marketing Strategy Review

Final Deliverable

You will leave this track with a customized ready to execute marketing strategy for your startup.


& Fundraising

In the Finance & Fundraising track, you’ll learn what it takes to set up your business to be attractive to funders. You’ll cover important finance & fundraising activities including financial planning, forecasting, and more. You and your team will walk away with an investor-ready pitch deck and financial models for your startup.

Learning Objectives

Obtain an overview and understanding of the key finance & fundraising tools and processes required to scale your business

Learn how to structure your company to be attractive to investors


  • Understanding Finance: Introduction to Startup Finance Fundamentals and Business Strategy
  • Decision-Making By The Numbers: Introduction to Financial Model Development
  • Fuelling Your Growth: Real-World Strategies for Capital Fundraising and Pitch Deck Development

Final Deliverable

You will leave this track with a pitch deck and financial model for your startup.



Attract and retain the talent you need to scale your startup. Our resident experts help startups develop talent management strategies, systems, and processes.

Learning Objectives

Understand the importance of a unique employee value proposition and employer brand

Understand how to develop strategies and processes for workforce planning, talent sourcing, and more


  • Marketing Your Workplace: Introduction to Employee Value Proposition Development & Compensation
  • Hiring for Tomorrow: Strategies in Workforce Planning
  • Attracting Top Candidates: Understanding the Recruitment Process
  • Sourcing Great Talent: Advanced Strategies in EVP Marketing & Hiring
  • People Planning: Identifying the Strengths and Skills Required of Future Hires

Final Deliverable

You will leave this track with a workforce planning strategy for your startup.

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Earn a Harvest Academy Certificate

Complete all three tracks to earn a Harvest Certificate. The full Academy program is:

Eligible for grant funding
Offers flexible learning options
Completed in 3 to 6 months

1 Track


2 Tracks


3 Tracks


All Packages Include

Harvest's Preferred Vendors and Partners

As a Academy participant, you’ll receive exclusive discounts for services from our preferred partners and vendors.

Upcoming Sessions

Harvest Academy 2021 Calendar. Upcoming tracks and sessions.



Cohorts run monthly

Finance &


Talent Management


All sessions are delivered
through Google Meet and run for 2 hours

& Startup

Access our free startup resources and tools for recruitment, talent management, and workforce planning.

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Harvest Academy FAQ

What is a track?

A track is a series of sessions and interactive workshops on a specific startup growth area, developed by our resident experts.

Who will be leading these courses?

Sessions are led by resident experts who have experience using Harvest’s playbook to build some of North America’s fastest growing companies.

How long is each track?

Each track runs for 4-6 weeks.

How do I sign up?

Signing up is easy. Hit ‘Register Now’ for your chosen track and provide a few details. Someone from our team will be in touch to learn more about your business and provide a link for payment. You’ll then receive a confirmation email to mark your sessions on your calendar.

How are Harvest Academy virtual courses delivered?

Harvest Academy sessions are hosted through Google Meets. You’ll receive an email from your program coordinator with a link to your first session after completing your payment.

How can I stay connected and ask questions?

You’ll have access to your resident expert through tutorials, one-on-one coaching sessions, as well as access to the Harvest Exchange Community where you can stay connected to your cohort.

Do I need any supplementary materials?

Harvest Academy participants receive all required course materials ahead of each session via email, and can also be accessed through an online dashboard.

What does an interactive virtual workshop look like?

During a virtual workshop, you’ll learn about strategies and techniques for a particular startup growth topic before participating in interactive activities and breakout rooms to apply the lessons to your own startup. You’ll be able to continue the conversation and collaborate with members of your cohort through your Harvest Exchange membership as well as schedule one-on-one tutorials with your resident expert.

What if I want to complete only 1 or 2 tracks?

Harvest Academy is a flexible learning program. You can select 1, 2, or all 3 learning tracks. You can also get in touch to learn more about customized learning plans for you and your team.

What else do I get access to as an Academy participant?

As an Academy participant, you’ll receive a free six-month Harvest Exchange Membership that gives you access to a private community of startup founders and tech leaders in Canada, premium content, and exclusive events. You’ll also receive exclusive discounts with Harvest’s preferred partners across marketing, legal, technology, and more.

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