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Venture Builder
for the Prairies

Harvest connects founders and tech talent across Canada with world-class services to launch, grow, and scale startups into globally-competitive companies.
Venture Building
Introducing OneVest and Propra, our latest fintech portfolio companies

Before enjoying the harvest, you have to put in the work. It goes without saying that Harvest Builders has been diligently planting and nurturing the seeds of the Prairie’s emerging tech ecosystem over the past year. And we’re continuing to add to our crop.

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Innovation Platform

Our programs bridge the skills, resources, and funding gaps that tech companies across the Prairies face throughout the startup lifecycle.

Builder Program

We connect founders, partners, and investors to build new companies.

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Growth Program

Startups at any stage partner with Harvest to grow and scale their businesses fast.

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Inside Harvest
Launching Harvest Growth Essentials: Free expert-curated resources for founders

It’s no secret that building a startup is a massive undertaking. At Harvest, we’ve been fortunate to experience this exciting journey alongside many passionate entrepreneurs who challenge industry norms and upend entire categories, from finance to agriculture to energy, and more.

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 “Together, we are fostering success for every tech company in our community no matter where they are in their business lifecycle."

Dr Terry Rock

President & CEO, Platform Calgary

Builder Insights

Unlocking the potential in the Prairies

We're competing to develop the newest technologies, attract the world's best talent, and create the fastest-growing companies. To be a cut above the rest, Canadian innovation needs to disperse beyond our known hot spots.

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Inside Harvest
An Olympian’s approach to venture building: securing product-market fit and a competitive advantage

We sat down with former Olympian Adam Froese, who leads our Venture Builder Program, to understand how he plays a hand in co-building globally competitive companies.

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Growth & Scaling
How to translate growth marketing metrics into KPIs for investors

If you view marketing as a cost centre or necessary evil, it’s time to turn that on its head. From now on, consider marketing a revenue generator. This is the mindset shift required to embrace growth marketing. It’s also the mentality required to bring in more investors.

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Launching Neo Financial

Co-building Canada’s most rewarding fintech company

“What we’re building at Neo goes beyond convenience. Sure, part of it is performing everyday activities in one fell swoop, but it’s also about connectivity and most importantly, feeling empowered with your money to make smarter decisions. Canadians deserve to have the right financial tools that not only speak to their needs, but give them more opportunities for a rewarding life.”

- Andrew Chau, Co-founder & CEO

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Venture Building
Building Canada’s next great tech hub

Imagine a successful tech hub, full of innovators, product experts and entrepreneurs, bursting at the seams with potential to create something groundbreaking. What Canadian cities come to mind?

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Who We Work With

Whether you're an early-stage startup or experienced founder, Harvest offers a range of programs and services to build companies and grow our tech ecosystem together.

Founders & Startup Teams

Harvest works as an extension of your team, bringing together a proven playbook and expertise specific to tech startups at any stage of growth and maturity.
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Tech Leaders & Talent

Co-build and lead an exciting new tech company or work with one of the fast-growing companies we partner with.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Harvest help fund my business?

Within our portfolio of builder program engagements, Harvest's grant writing and fundraising service experts support in evaluating the market opportunity, attracting investors, and helping our portfolio companies secure funding.

What stage should my startup be to qualify?

Harvest works with growth-stage businesses, primarily Series A and beyond.

Do you have to be in a certain industry to qualify?

Not at all. Harvest works with businesses from all industries.
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